Use time, consider strategies

For the future, experts agree that things in the travel industry will not continue exactly as they were before the crisis. In the initial phase, when people are allowed to go out again, the chance that travel agencies and hotels could act as leisure advisors.

After all, the need to travel will still be there, even if somewhat limited in the initial period after the crisis. “people will save on everything after the crisis, but not on travel”. above all, travel agencies and hotels will have to use the time to position themselves correctly for the future and also prepare for a change in their work.

The value chains will change because one or the other of the usual providers will no longer be there.

“The positioning question: ‘Who am I, what do I do?’ was completely missing in this segment.” But especially now it is important to use the time to deal with oneself and to define the direction for the future.

Tourism Future Session like just press and book will be no more. The customer who knows what he wants, doesn’t need you.” Now it is time to filter out the target group that travel agencies need, who do not know what they want. Besides, society is experiencing an immense digitalization push due to isolation. Travel agencies and hotels have to go along with this. After the crisis, a scenario similar to the one in schools a few years ago, when children were digital and teachers were not, should not be allowed to emerge.

Travel agencies and hotels have to use the time to emphasize their own value and service are the most important tasks. Because: “Hope is not a strategy!”

We will travel again.

Soon, we will step out from behind our screens. Until then, stay healthy and stay positive.


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