The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Green!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you will know our planet (the habitat we call home) is in a bit of trouble. Question is, how can we deal with the damage being caused and create a living space where everyone and everything, thrives?

You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing messages of decay and destruction. This is all well and good but often doesn’t address the solutions; it merely creates a bit of dissatisfaction and the status quo is resumed.

What we need are people and organisations that highlight all the good that’s being done in certain areas of the world, educate, and encourage others along for the ride. Show the example and others tend to emulate in one way or another.

It was Gandhi who was quoted as saying ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. This line has been so often repeated that it’s virtually lost all meaning – a quick share of a meme on Facebook. But think about those words for a second. Who are you? How are you acting? You want to see peace, be a bit more peaceful. Fed up of people complaining, probably best to cut down yourself. The list goes on.

Various statistics have been bounded around as to the state of the world. How long we have left, what will become of us and this planet and numerous merchant of doom predictions. But humans are adaptation machines and if there’s one thing we do well is the ability to evolve at a rapid pace and have a brain to process conscience and empathy. We have a super computer within our heads which can receive feedback and implement ideas.  

Introducing Canary Green!

We should look to the future, but we must act now. And where better place to start than in our own backyards. For us and many others, that’s the stunning Canary Islands and we have just launched a project (no, a movement!) that we hope to help inspire the rest of the world with.

The brainchild of John Beckley who himself has had a long history with the Canaries. Originally from South Africa, he has spent over 2 decades mostly between Tenerife and Lanzarote and wanted to preserve the islands that he fell in love with. It’s been a decade in the making as John first had the idea several years ago but wasn’t able to pursue it at the time. Now, has become the perfect time as people’s awareness is increasing along with having a genuine desire to improve and make a difference.

So, What is Canary Green?

Put simply, it’s a project to showcase the amazing work being done in the Canary Islands in Eco and sustainability (you can see our mission statement here). This isn’t about judgement or superiority, or pictures of dying polar bears… it’s positive messaging about those going in the right direction.

  • The farmer with all natural organic, pesticide free products who delivers to your door
  • The airline, that despite being an airline and by their very nature negatively affect the environment, have implemented measures to minimise these effects and maximise the good they can do
  • The shop selling reusable flasks, avoiding the need for single use plastics

Our website and central base is exactly what it says on the tin – Canary.Green. Makes sense, no? ;).

You can also find us active on the Socials, so please do follow along and engage with us there.

Check it all out and feel free to get in touch with suggestions. This is very much a work in progress and a collaborative effort, so we will be updating as we go. We’re all in this together, and is not an ‘us and them’ scenario.

How Can You Help?

This isn’t about whether you ate some beef and used a plastic straw today. It’s that tomorrow you might have a meat free day, recycle some items that you usually throw away, walk rather than take the car, or ‘find a bin to put it in’ even when no-one is looking. How about just taking a few moments to breathe in the air and look out over the ocean, appreciating what you have and that it could all be taken away?

Aside from these small (and larger) measures you can take in your own life, you can also support us in many ways. We have regular meetups, including environmental clean ups, vegan meetups, coffee meetups and school workshops.  

What really drives the boat is financial contribution. We live on an economic planet (whether that changes in the future is another article!) so need money to propel things forward at the rate and scale that would see the most impact. If you would like to assist with donations or to help fund the project then please get in touch… as a supermarket in the UK once said – every little helps :).

And if you’re a brand that’s looking to promote these ideals then we want to speak with you and work together to make this happen.

Things are really starting to hot up at Canary Green HQ – more people are coming on board to do everything they can do to make it a success. Everyone is full of energy and ideas and keen to do all that is possible at this time. And all this from a positive, ‘can do’ place which we hope to inspire all we come in to contact with.

Do join us, for what is sure to be a groundbreaking time in our history!

~ Adam & the Canary.Green team

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