The Dubliner, Now You Can Enjoy The Craic Online

When it all comes together on a memorable Tenerife holiday you don’t want to lose track of those special new friends. That’s a common tale from customers of The Dubliner, Tenerife’s number one Irish bar, once tasted the flavour lingers beyond the holiday and many end up counting the days until the next holiday call at the Las Americas music, sports, and fun bar.

The new all singing, all dancing Dubliner website is a great place to keep up to date with all that’s going on at your favourite bar. Everyone who passes through soon becomes a friend and thanks to the wonders of social media it’s now easy to interact and swap memories, photos and videos with The Dubliner. Over 2,000 friends have choosen to keep in close touch via Facebook The Dubliner has friends all over the globe and they can feel just a bit closer to the bar by logging on and chatting to other converts to this popular watering hole.

Talking of all singing all dancing, some of the best performances, parties, and wild moments can be relived on The Dubliner’s own You Tube channel, well some moment can’t be allowed to just fade away. The staff and owners love to receive new photos and videos that bring the memories flooding back, have a look at the website and see what you have been missing.

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