Tenerife Magazine Is Taking Property Sales Through The Keyhole

Sarah Negrin - Tenerifre Property Reporter

There’s a new modern way to sell Tenerife property on line, Tenerife Magazine has launched a new feature Through The Keyhole which takes buyers on a short video tour of the property. Experienced real estate journalist Sarah Negrin looks at the main selling points of the property and has a word with the owners so you know what you are getting.

The first property, in Chayofa, is from Crossley Morfitt and Lennox and they are already getting a lot of feedback from the article. It’s an easy way to give a all round look at a prospective purchase and especially useful for potential buyers living back in the UK. Tenerife Magazine is the leading on line magazine for Tenerife and has thousands of regular visitors in Tenerife, back in the UK, and in several other countries.

Featured properties will be changed at regular intervals and any estate agent with a particularly interesting or unusual property can use the service for a very competitive rate, just contact Tenerife Magazine. See you soon Through The Keyhole

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