Tenerife Magazine Gets Advertising Clients Noticed

The days of hit and miss advertising are a relic of the past, www.tenerifemagazine.com has now launched a range of online advertising packages that are targeted at specific interest groups here in Tenerife and among those already booked to visit or still open to sunshine temptation.

After years of limited interest publications carrying the same press releases and old recycled articles, Tenerife Magazine arrived like a breath of fresh air with bright original stories from a team of established writers with in depth knowledge of Tenerife from years of living and exploring on this ever changing island. Honest accounts of the pitfalls and frustrations of daily living as well as a passion for the culture, history and beauty of Tenerife have helped to build a strong readership of several nationalities with 10,000 visitors a month and rising. Facebook fans currently stand at 1,376 and their Twitter and Flickr accounts are among the most popular Tenerife reference points on the internet.

The immediacy of Tenerife Magazine means they can focus on special events from build up to launch and beyond with reports and photos published within hours. One of the charms of living in Tenerife is the relaxed approach to life but it can be frustrating getting details about fiestas and celebrations, another area where instant online updates pull in the readers.

Maybe it’s time you looked at what Tenerife Magazine can do for your business, pop in and browse through the many advertsing options and try the package that will bring a constant stream of customers. It’s a smarter way to get your message across.

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