Tenerife Govemerment recommends schools close and to avoid unnecessary travel due to heavy rain alert

Prevention phase activated of Island’s Territorial Emergency Plan

The Cabildo de Tenerife is recommending schools to close and for the general public to avoid unnecessary travel in the wake of the alert situation announced by the Dirección de Seguridad y Emergencias of the Gobierno de Canarias due to adverse weather conditions or Fenómeno Meteorológico Adverso. The Cabildo is officially authorised under the Plan Territorial Insular de Emergencias (PEIN), to announce the activation of the preventative phase of the Island Emergency Plan.

The Cabildo has now activated the Preventative Phase of the Island’s Emergency Plan and recommends the public to adopt the following safety measures:

Firstly – It proposes cancellation of all school classes as well as avoidance of unnecessary travel during the whole of today Monday 1st February 2010.

Secondly – Due to heavy rain forecast and any flooding it might cause, the Cabildo has issued the following advice:

-Stay calm and remain in your home but be on the alert if it is situated in or near the riverbed of a gorge or in any other place of risk.

-As very heavy rain is forecast, please pay attention to the advice and information given by Protección Civil in the local press, radio and on TV

-Avoid travelling by car during heavy rainfall, unless it is absolutely necessary. Drive with extreme caution and pay special attention to the depth of any water you have to cross, reduce your speed and be very careful when braking. If your vehicle starts to flood, you should abandon it.

-Try to drive only on main roads and motorways and avoid forest tracks and minor roads. Use higher gears when possible.

-Do not cross a bridge if the water level has risen and water is flowing over the bridge.

-Never (even in summer) camp in flood risk sites: river beds of gorges etc.

-Stay away from the underground floors of your home which may flood including garages, cellars etc.

-Never use the lift. The electricity supply may fail at any time.

-Disconnect your electricity supply at the mains.

-If you are flooded, leave your home immediately and head for a higher place or go where the rescue services send you.

-If you are trapped on the upper floor of your home by flood water, do not try to swim as the current could sweep you away. Wait for assistance.

-Do not overestimate your strength, be cautious and if necessary, wait for the rescue services.

-Always have a battery powered radio set switched on and follow the instructions broadcast by the relevant authorities on the television and radio

-Avoid using the telephone to prevent the lines being engaged.

-In case of an emergency, please dial 112.

Thirdly- This preventative statement will be updated in the next few hours depending on the weather conditions.

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