Switch On Your Light

Would you agree that no one is free of fear? 

And the choice IF, WHEN and HOW someone moves out of a comfort zone is individual?

Some of us decide to get out of the comfort zone and to explore new unknown territory which makes us feel uncomfortable at first - a feeling of being scared and excited at the same time. 

When our excitement is bigger than our fear, we face and overcome it and act in spite of our worries and doubts. We feel a sense of accomplishment, acceleration and simply feel good. 

Some of us however, step back into the comfort zone. Back there in the known, we suddenly don’t feel so comfortable anymore. We have already taken a glimpse of freedom and now we want the whole package, we aspire to something bigger because we feel there is more for us.  So we have the option to try again or retreat.

But even those of us who have never come out of their comfort zone will experience fear at some point. 

The law of vibration will take care of it. This law states that nothing rests and all is in constant movement. 

We can continue thinking, I will stay here in my safe place, my safe relationship, my safe job or whatever we might think is permanent and safe, but rest assured that even this cookie will start to crumble as change is happening around us.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be better if we learned how to face our fears to be able to overcome them?

But HOW?  

Techniques can help you DO IT! – this important one I’d like to share with you!

Look deep into you, creating a moment with your own self. Get to know yourself so you can gain an understanding of your doubts and worries which are holding you back from being the awesome and amazing being that you already are.

Through understanding what’s causing them, it will make it easier to act upon your worries, doubts and fears. Once identified and exposed to the light we see that our doubts and worries are often self-made and only exist because we decided to give them space in our mind. 

But HEY!

Isn’t it marvelous that we can SWITCH ON THE LIGHT and FLIP THE COIN at any time with our own mind?

Text and images by Juliane Nendel – Result Coach 

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