Successful Launch of Canary PR Social Media Masterclass Sessions

This week saw the successful launch of the Canary PR social media masterclass sessions, presented by digital marketing specialist and founder of Canary PR, John Beckley. The session had plenty of excellent insights about the benefits of social media marketing for attendees, with both a general overview and more in depth information. John has over a decade of experience of working within the field of digital marketing, and has a great passion for helping companies and their teams to reach their true potential by successfully utilising social media and inbound marketing techniques.

These days it is no longer enough to spam people with your brand message and hope they will want to buy your product. The old style of marketing such as billboards, TV ads, radio and print is becoming increasingly less effective. With Netflix, Spotify and other similar services, plus effective online ad-blockers, individuals can easily avoid most of the adverts that brands pump out using the old fashioned methods. In order to reach new customers, brands need to innovate, think outside the box and understand where people’s attention now lies.

Mobile advertising, social media, video and experiences are all ways to reach audiences. Instead of ineffective outbound marketing, the key now is inbound marketing in which clients seek out your brand due to the value provided to them. John gave clear examples of how this style of marketing works and what steps attendees can take to start adapting their marketing to the ‘new rules’.

Ultimately, marketing brands need to break out of broadcasting mode and start focusing on a return on engagement by providing fun, exciting and interesting content that will appeal to both their current and future clients, and help them to build a community around their brand. The next step is to start converting this into sales, but not before your brand has built this engaged community.

Canary PR would like to thank team members from the various companies that attended the event including Hotel Jardin Tropical, Diamond Resorts & Hotels, Tenerife Top Training, Venture Restaurants and others. We would also like to say a big thank you to Hotel Suite Villa María for allowing us to host this event and to Nathalie Hill for helping with arrangements. It proved a fantastic venue and we look forward to presenting more successful Canary PR social media masterclasses in the future.

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