Spring Hoteles Welcome Everyone To The Swimming Pool

Vulcano Hotel

Always striving to improve, Spring Hoteles want to make sure everyone gets the most out of their outstanding facilities, that’s why they have just installed a new hydraulic seat that offers a little help for the less able bodied to slip into the swimming pool at Hotel Vulcano. The 4 star hotel in the heart of Playa de las Americas is popular with couples  and they pride themselves on making life easier for all guests, especially those that want to relax after many years of being on the work treadmill.

Lifeguard Pedro put the chair to the test and found it to be easy and comfortable to operate and use. Hotel Vulcano are happy to reflect the efforts made by the Arona council to ensure that beaches, walkways and restaurants are accessable to everyone. Tenerife is at the forefront of visitor satisfaction and once again looks like topping the holiday reservations for 2011, Spring Hoteles are playing their part in ensuring that holiday makers keep coming back for more.

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