Spring Hoteles Make Sure That Safety And Comfort Work Together

Guests at the 4 star Hotel Vulcano in Playa de Las Americas can rest easy knowing that the staff are all geared up in the unlikely event of a fire. The recent fire drill, part of regular check ups by Spring Hoteles, went smoothly and without fuss due to everyone knowing their responsibilities and good practices. It was a surprise chance for guests to meet some of the hard working backroom staff as the kitchens and cleaning areas all filed outside in an orderly fashion to their pre arranged roll call points.

Tenerife is packed with beauty and raw rural charm, that does mean that their are potential hazards from extreme weather and genuine accidents that can occur at any time. On Friday 11 February Adeje staged the European Day of 112 (above)Â the main emergency services day for many countries including Spain. For those who just think fire, police, ambulance this was quite an eye opener as all sections of the emergency forces displayed their equipment and personel.

Fire Drill at Vulcano Hotel

Mountain rescue, coast guards, Red Cross and specialist sections of the main 3 services were keen to give a hands on display of the work they do throughout the year. Pride of place went to a dramatic reconstruction of a road accident, the government rescue helicopter wowed the crowds by lowering helpers to the scene and then securing and air lifting a dummy passenger to safety. It’s good to know that in an emergency dialing the 112 number will put you in touch with a helper speaking English to make sure you get the help you need.

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