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Snapchat Advertising: A guide for beginners

The dog filter with fluffy ears has always delighted the Snapchat community. And Facebook and Instagram also imitate the successful concept of the filter lenses. But what place does Snapchat advertising take alongside its competitors in the advertising industry?



Snapchat advertising includes creative ad formats such as snap ads placed between users’ stories and Discover content, interactive geo-filters and face lenses. Ads are created and managed through the Ad Manager or in collaboration with Snap Inc.


Things to know about advertising on Snapchat

Every day 210 million users use the app with the ghost icon. The young target group is mostly in the age range between 13 and 35 years, which is why especially Millennials and Gen-Z are notorious for the use of the face-changing filters.

A number of ad formats, which differ only slightly from the classic functions, can be used to reach the users of the network. The social media platform thus manages to integrate advertising into the user experience in a creative way.

Through Snapchat Advertising you can:

– acquire young talents,

– Increase your brand awareness,

– Increase traffic, leads or app installations and

– achieve conversions.

Ad formats range from snap ads placed between other users’ snaps or in the discovery channels to local filters and creative camera lenses. By wiping up the snap ad, the user is directed to the website, the App Store or to download your white paper.

The ad is quickly created using the Ad Manager. Budget and time frame can be individually designed. The ads can be booked for as little as five euros a day.

Goal-time bidding ensures that ads with the best bid are played out among the stories of potential interested parties in the custom audience.

Set up Snapchats Ads with the Ad Manager

In order to create snap ads independently, you must log on to the Ad Manager. From here, ads can be published in a simple three-step process or a more comprehensive campaign design.


1) Set target

First you define the goal of the campaign: You have the option to choose whether your ad should generate website visits, app installations or app visits.

2) Select design

In the second step you define the design of the campaign. It is important to note that snaps are always output in portrait format!

Upload your picture or video (of maximum ten seconds length) and then design it.

Add a heading and the call-to-action. This can be selected via a drop-down menu. You can choose from prompts such as “More”, “Book Now” or “Play”, which will prompt the user to swipe up.

Various templates are available for the design. You can also add a description and a brand logo to your ad.

3) Check user experience

Before the Snap Ad is finally released, the Snapchat team checks that it fits seamlessly into the app’s user experience.

All Snapchat advertising formats at a glance

You can create, manage and analyze Snapchat ads on your own with Ad Manager or with Snap Inc.

You can choose from the following formats:

Snap ads

Snap Ads are placed – similar to YouTube – between the snaps of the users. The videos, which have a maximum length of ten seconds, are provided with a Swipe-up to direct the user to the desired target page. Snap ads can be skipped by the user and are therefore not a disturbing element for the user.

Story Ad

Story Ads are only slightly different from Snap Ads. Unlike these, however, they are placed in the Snapchat discovery feed.

The Discovery area is particularly suitable for high-quality formats, as this is where media houses, Snapchat itself and various shows present their content.

Collection Ad

Collection Ad is a special form of Snap Ad, where a range of products is added to the Snap.

A direct link to the shopping page leads the user on an intuitive way to the purchase decision.

Geo filter

Sticker-like decorations, which are played out according to the location: Geofilters are very popular in the Snapchat community.

This is exactly why this creative ad format offers an enormous advantage in social media marketing. The filters can be created independently via the Creative Library and then published.

Especially restaurants, cafés or public events can increase their reach in the user network by creating their own filter. Because if a Snapchat user uses your filter, he most likely shares it with his friends and indirectly becomes a multiplier of your brand.

Sponsored Lenses

The most elaborate and creative ad format that Snapchat offers are the so-called sponsored lenses. They are the only form of advertising that can only be created in cooperation with Snapchat.

Via Augmented Reality the facial features are recognized by the camera and overlaid with a transforming filter.

The lenses can contain different effects: By sticking out the tongue, winking or raising the eyebrow, entertaining features are projected onto the user’s face – this is how the famous licking dog’s tongue works.


Commercials are (unlike the Snap Ads) not skipable for the user. However, since Snapchat attaches great importance to integrating advertising into the user experience in a playful rather than annoying way, the commercials are only six seconds long.

What targeting options are available?

In addition to the variety of ad formats, Snapchat also offers key targeting options to create campaigns that are tailored to your target audience.

Selecting specific features will give the ad a higher hit rate and will tend to lower the cost per lead by avoiding wastage.

Targeting also provides the ability to classify user interests. Their characteristic features can be determined from a selection of subject areas. The user base on Snapchat is very young, which should be considered in demographic targeting. Your target group should therefore be between 13 and 35 years old.

The local options also determine the pricing of the respective ad. For example, geo-filters are assigned to certain coordinates where the user can see the filters. If the area increases, the price of the ad also increases.

Under the device specification you can choose between iOS and Android software. You can also classify by specific devices. However, this option should only be considered if your app is only available for a specific software or device, for example. Otherwise, the device specification limits your range considerably.

Creating creative formats with Snap Publisher

With the Snap Publisher you can create your own ads in no time at all. The free tool offers the possibility to create and save creative Snap Ads with predefined templates.

In addition to the pre-selections, you can also develop your own designs. The intuitive character makes it especially easy to create great ads.

With advertising on Snapchat you can reach a young audience through innovative formats and convince them of your company. Compared to other social media platforms, ad formats on Snapchat are much less disruptive to the user experience and reach users in a creative way.




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