See The Bigger Picture With Vistaire Canarias

It’s important in business to get noticed and now there is a new way to present a completely different and inspiring view of your event, properties, or to simply sell the Canary Islands as a stunning base for a new venture. Vistaire Canarias can take aerial still photos and video footage from the vantage point of their helium filled zeppelin complete with zoom in shots and wide angles.

Speaking from Golf Costa Adeje on a typically sunny Tenerife morning business partners Martin Hejnar and Miguel Rodriquez explained their hi tech system as they let out the lead on the ballon to a full 300 metres high. “We started 4 years ago in Mallorca” explained Martin “now we have a base there to cover the Balaerics and another in Tenerife to cover the Canary Islands. It’s a very lightweight system and easy to operate, the balloon is very aerodynamic and only the most extreme weather prevents it from doing its job”.

The business partners arrived at the course in a small van and the balloon fitted easily in the back and was out and flying within minutes of arrival. The golf course is a good example of how the zepplin can provide a new way to do business, Martin zoomed in and out effortlessly with the hand held control box and the picture showed up on the built in screen. “We have covered sports events and also taken panoramic photos of developers new estates, that’s a great way to see their location and all the surrounding area. Recently we also filmed all along the tenerife coast from Los Gigantes to Los Cristianos and also did some aerial shots of Santa Cruz port when 5 cruise liners were in together.”

There’s a full selection of past photo and video shoots on the Vistaire Canarias website, it’s one business that is thriving on inflation.

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