Roll Up For Rock Story, A Classic Musical Journey

Abba, Pink Floyd and Queen were all about much more than the music, they gave flamboyant performances and that’s what Rock Story captures in a three hour explosion of sound and vision. The three tributes at Exit Palace in San Eugenio are packed with versatile singers, musicians, dancers and even acrobats.

Abba lead the way getting the seated audience tapping their feet and clapping, Agnetha and Anni-Frid launch into Mamma Mia from their balcony perches above each side of the stage but soon descend to join the four piece backing group as they lead the audience willingly through a cascade of hits. The costumes are as bright and colourful as their delivery and several quick changes allow them to dazzle without letting up the pace.

Tackling Pink Floyd is a big challenge but a spectacular stage set, constructed during a 15 minute break, helps to convey the power and emotion of big hitters like Wish You Were Here and Shine On You Crazy Diamonds. The visual impact is provided by a video screen, lasers and acrobatic dancers suspended from the ceiling in netting. The set, just over 40 minutes like the other tributes, ends with a dramatic re-enactment of Another Brick In The Wall with the barrier of the title brought crashing down amid a guitar crescendo.

The wall debris was cleared during the second break, a chance to visit the bar for sensibly priced drinks, 3 euros a pint, 2.50 euros a wine, and back in time to see Freddie Mercury roar down the aisle and up onto the stage on his motorbike to start the Queen tribute. It’s A Kinda Magic and another whirl of rocking hits came one after the other with the soaring Brian May guitar sound and a strutting delivery from frontman Freddie. Radio Ga Ga, and Bohemian Rhapsody mingled with the emotion packed Who Wants To Live Forever and a cracking Barcelona duet with a very impressive Monserat Caballe sound alike.

The three hours pass too quickly but end in a loud appreciation of a wonderful nights entertainment evoking memories of some of the finest songs of the last 30 years. Shows are every Tuesday and Saturday from 9.30 pm with tickets starting at 25 euros including a glass of cava or soft drink to welcome you. Bookings can be made via the website or at hotel receptions and excursion shops.

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