Rising Golf Stars Boosted By Canarian Golf Federation

The Canarian Golf Federation is setting its sights on the future by starting a high quality intensive training programme for promising young golfers. Initially the focus will be on the Gran Canaria province but plans are well underway to spread the scheme to Tenerife.

The first batch of players will be selected from the player rankings for Lanzarote and Gran Canaria for the age group 11 to 25. The students will then be brought together in batches of 25 players at the Las Palmeras golf club, although there will be monthly trips to play on other courses in Gran Canaria. All aspects of the game will be coached to give the youngsters an all round education in the finer points of the sport.

One of the Federation’s technical directors, professional golfer Oscar Garzon outlined the pioneering training programme. “We will promote the coaching sessions on Saturday mornings so we don’t disrupt interrupt their normal routine. During the two hours training they will get instruction from four technical coaches specialising in technique, physical, and psychological training. The players will be set realistic targets and will learn how to train themselves during the week to make sure they continue to improve. The directors see this as a long term strategy putting the players on the road to becoming professional players.”

Psychological coach for the programme, Heriberto Rodríguez, has worked with many professionals and he will teach the young students to concentrate on their own natural game regardless of outside pressures. “We will deal with theory, looking at possible problems and there solutions and also test their reactions under normal match conditions.”

There is a huge interest in golf among young people and with the wealth of courses in the Canary Islands there is great potential to produce top quality players.

Photo. Luis García Ayuso, secretary of the FCG, Isabel Luján director of the investigation group of the ULPGC, Salvador García Cantón, presidente y Javier Garzón Allende, professor of Golf


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