Our team

When results matter, the team you pick matters most.

With Canary PR, you can be assured that you are picking the right team for your digital marketing success.

Here at CanaryPR this is what is important for us as a team:
– Freedom to work flexible hours 
– Working with good people
– Meaningful work 
– Something you’re good at
– Work-life balance

John Dale Backley


Monika Marija Messinga


Andrea Endres

Project Coordinator

Dushka Tintor

WEB & Graphic design and development

Grace Molan


Marcin Bilski


Honest cause-based, or sustainable-based, digital marketing is perhaps the most effective strategy in all of marketing today.

John Dale Beckley, Founder

Calle El Jable 38, Topaze 8, 38678 Callao Salvaje, Tenerife, Canary Islands

+34 639 70 2649


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