Mount Teide in Tenerife is a dormant volcano – and thats official!

Further to recent media reports raising concern that Tenerife is vulnerable to the potential imminent eruption of Mount Teide, the “Cabildo de Tenerife” (Tenerife Government) would like to clarify that:

Mount Teide is a dormant volcano and shows no signs of volcanic activity according to ITER; (the institute that manages volcanic surveillance and which is a member of WOVO, World Organisation of Volcanic Observatories).

In addition, neither the Scientific Volcanic Evaluation and Monitor Committee (Comite Cientifico de Evaluacion y Seguimiento de Fenomenos Volcanicos), a national commission that evaluates volcanic activity in Spain, nor the IGN (National Geographic Institute), a public organisation responsible for the observation, surveillance and communication of volcanic activity, have sent a warning of volcanic activity in Teide to the authorities responsible for civil protection on the island. We therefore must highlight that the volcanic situation in Tenerife remains normal, as there is no indication of any volcanic risk.

The President of the “Cabildo de Tenerife”, Ricardo Melchior, has submitted a written complaint to the Superior Council of Scientific Investigation for the contradictory and incorrect information released by certain scientists of this organisation, which could lead the public to believe that there is a risk of volcanic activity in Tenerife.

The Cabildo would like to stress that Tenerife remains a safe destination, not only because there is currently no evidence of any risk of volcanic activity, but also because the island is equipped to deal with any volcanic risk situation (evacuation, volcanic surveillance and monitoring programme, etc).

Mount Teide in Tenerife is a dormant Volcano
Mount Teide in Tenerife is a dormant Volcano

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