Making business a pleasure on a luxury yacht

Selling Tenerife is a lot easier if you let it work for you, that’s why many companies are looking at a new way to conduct business meetings. Tenerife Yacht Charters are based in Puerto Colon and have just made their 74 foot Sunseeker luxury yacht available for hire.

A large oak wood conference table in the lower level lounge is the perfect place to thrash out new deals and ideas, as the galley provides food and drink to ensure minds and bodies are fed and watered. Plasma screen televisions with full DVD , VCR and sound, make presntations easy and up on the top deck, a cold drink is on hand to toast any new deal.

Prices are very competitive for such a unique venue and there certainly wont be any problem with guests being suddenly called away. Tenerife is a sunshine island, so it’s hardly surprising that companies are looking to adopt some real blue sky thinking for corporate and business situations.

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