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Lunch break in Corona times? Try Video Lunch Date

Time at home is full of possibilities – even things that would be unthinkable in the office. If you are stuck in your home office, you should look for creative ways to make your lunch break and workday creative

Corona here, Corona there – the topic currently dominates both our private lives and our everyday working lives. Many of us have reached a high level of frustration due to existential fears, financial worries, stress surrounding childcare or simply the interruption of everyday life as we know it. But nevertheless, we must not forget how essential it is that we stay at home for the time being and also work from there – if possible.

However, to spread a little fun and good humour, we would like to show you some creative or fun ways to use your lunch break at home. And that despite social distancing. This includes all the things you normally can’t do in the office. But of course the ideas are also something for people who are stuck at home without a home office.


1.  spend time with your loved ones – via video chat

At the beginning our probably most important suggestion: Use the time to be close to each other despite the distance. This means that you could contact your grandparents during the lunch break, who you are not visiting at the moment. Just call and ask how they are doing and if they need anything. Depending on how tech-savvy grandma and grandpa are, you might also be able to arrange a video lunch date. Just open Skype, Discord or any other app of your choice and have lunch together and talk. Of course you can also plan the whole thing with parents, siblings, friends or favourite colleagues. Positive effect: Despite social distancing, no one has to feel alone or isolated and you can bring each other up to date.

2.  spend time with your loved ones – at home

Despite #StayHome, many of you surely do not live alone, but have roommates, a partner or even children. In your own four walls you can also spend your lunch break together. Just arrange a time when everyone meets in the kitchen. Use the situation to cook a balanced lunch together – something different from the frozen pizza or 5-minute terrine in the office. Eat together, talk to each other and find the motivation for the rest of the working day. Especially in times when we have to keep physically away from each other, these little household encounters can be all the more enjoyable.

  1. finding time for your pet

Who frees himself most about your time at home? Probably your pets. So use your lunch hour to spend time with them. While they used to wait all day for you to return, you can now be there for them. Whether it’s snuggling up with the rabbit, playing with the cat or walking the dog, your pets will usually enjoy the extra attention. And the time with your pet has a positive effect on you too, because it helps you to switch off during the break and at the same time return to your desk with a comfortably warm feeling in your stomach. Moreover, your pets can turn out to be real office helpers, as you can see here:



  1. finally mastering the darn yoga pose

Why don’t you spend your lunch break doing sports? While this is usually difficult in normal working life, you have many opportunities at home. For example, you could try a home workout, many of which are free and less than 30 minutes long on YouTube. Or you could finally try the yoga pose, which just hasn’t worked so far.  There’s really no excuse for getting in a little bit of shape now. You don’t have to become a bodybuilder right away, but a little exercise will prevent the excess calories from getting stuck in your home office.



  1. use additional time for hobbies

In normal office life, hobbies and other leisure activities often fall by the wayside. The lunch break at home can now help. For example, have you been planning to learn to play an instrument for some time? Then take 30 minutes of your lunch break every day. Your mind can be freed from work by learning the new skill and you might have fun doing it. But you can also use the time to finally work off your watchlist. Sit on the couch with your lunch, fire up Netflix, and watch an episode of a new series. On average, these only last 20 to 30 minutes.


  1. finally catching up on what you’ve left behind

The lunch break in the home office is also ideal for doing housework. Quickly throw on the laundry, vacuum or clean the bathroom: You may lose some recovery time during your break, but you will have time off after work and can pursue activities that you enjoy during your “house arrest”. Alternatively, you could use some of your break time to finally put things you have put off into practice, for example, tidying and sorting out the wardrobe, moving furniture or reorganising the wall unit. This way you can make small progress with your long-term tasks, which in turn can make you feel good.

You can of course also involve your children. Sort out play boxes together, make sure that the children’s room is kept in order, create a tidy desk together, where the little ones can complete the tasks sent to them by the school. In this way you can spend family time together and achieve small successes in a playful way. The more adventurous among you could of course also use your lunch break together with your partner for family planning – we’ll just leave that alone and let your imagination run wild.


  1. find creative distractions

The Internet has been showing for days that many people are converting their free time at home into creative energy. We don’t want to keep some of the coolest ideas from you – maybe they’ll inspire you to use your lunch break and the time after work creatively.



Or you can simply say thank you collectively to everyone who is currently working for us



In this spirit, we also ask you to #Let’s stay at home and let all unnecessary activities and excursions stay. We know that time at home can be a pain in the neck – but there are ways and means to make the best of it. We have shown you a few possibilities here. Why not try them out – whether in the home office lunch break or generally in self quarantine.


Breaks are also important in the home office – whether in pyjamas or not

In order not to get bogged down in the home office, employees should also pay attention to their working hours in the kitchen at home. Scheduling fixed times for specific tasks can help to avoid heading for a huge overtime account. To-do lists and agreements with colleagues should also be a fixed part of work at home.



Fixed working hours also include a break. In pyjamas with the cat on your lap and a hot tea in your hand, the thought of a break quickly fades into the background. But breaks at home are also a must and should be strictly observed.

It becomes clear what effects the corona virus has on the cohesion in the neighbourhood, the offers to help others have “virtually exploded” in recent times.

This is not always about errands: Schools and daycare centers are closing. It’s all about childcare. Neighbours offer their help in childcare or parents network to take turns looking after the children.

Coronavirus: Time for long forgotten

Many people experience one thing above all else as a result of the corona virus: deceleration in everyday life. They spend more time at home instead of at football stadiums or concerts. Students have extended semester breaks. Suddenly time is in abundance.

Fewer appointments also mean less stress. This leaves more time for long forgotten tasks. Tax returns and spring-cleaning are eagerly awaiting people’s commitment.

Of course, it is also perfectly legitimate to spend the new free time with Netflix or a few books.


Every deep crisis leaves behind a story, a narrative that points far into the future. One of the strongest visions left behind by the coronavirus are the Italians playing music on the balconies. The second vision is sent to us by satellite images that suddenly show the industrial areas of China and Italy free of smog. In 2020, humanity’s CO&sub2; emissions will fall for the first time. This fact will do something to us.

If the virus can do that – can we possibly do that? Maybe the virus was just a messenger from the future. Its drastic message is that human civilization has become too dense, too fast, too overheated. It’s racing too fast in a direction where there is no future.

But it can reinvent itself.

System reset.

Cool down!

Music on the balconies!

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