Lifestyle Lanzarote Has So Much To Offer

Visually stunning, Lanzarote enchants the eye and delights visitors but the well known landmarks and beaches are just a start. Sands Beach Resort would like to invite you to look a little deeper and discover an island vibrant with art and culture. Lifestyle Lanzarote brings together all aspects including music and food, they are also celebrated as a way to keep past traditions alive as well as adding new modern outlooks on this wonderful place to live.

Cesar Manrique set the standard with his buildings and artistic works, still bringing pleasure to thousands, but a new generation of artists and artisans are ensuring that Lanzarote keeps on re-inventing itself. All the best events are brought together on our new website from music and beer at the Oktoberfest to Teguise timple concerts. The seasons bring their own regional fiestas, we can let you know how and where to catch the main events and give you an insight into the meanings and significance of each celebration.

So if you think you know Lanzarote let us surprise you, and if your a new convert allow us to share the history and tradition of the island through modern eyes.

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