Lanzarote International Marathon, 25 anniversary

The 25th edition of the Lanzarote International Marathon will be held on the 29th November this year, the oldest marathon in the Canaries.

It was in 1989 when the first edition of the Lanzarote International Marathon was held, at that time there was no other race in the Canary Islands of this distance.

Its founder Kenneth Gasque, was recently awarded the Lanzarote prize, and he remembers the first race simply. A few runners, a sunny day, a setback (though overcome!) with the t-shirts! But ultimately a good day.

When asked, Kenneth said he wanted to create an event in which local culture would be seen by visitors and tourists. Kenneth also understands marathon as a magic word, full of great myths. He wanted Lanzarote to take part in that history.

Lanzarote International Marathon remains a special event capturing the culture of the island. November the 29th will celebrate the 25th edition in the town of Costa Teguise.


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