Interview: Dia Soleado Invest’s CEO Robin Brinkman

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What can you tell us about Dia Soleado Invest?

Dia Soleado Invest was started by myself about a year ago to fill a need that I saw in the marketplace for people who had either very little or no previous success in the overseas property investment market and who had felt it was time to take a more serious look at how to make money from property.

What is your company’s philosophy / mission statement?

To deliver a very straight forward, no nonsense approach, with the utmost focus on integrity and quality of service.

What do you see as your company’s strengths in the marketplace?

Having had some good success myself in the property market I feel we can offer some great insight on emerging markets and where ‘the next big thing’ may be.

Based on their feedback, how do your clients view your company?

I would say that they all view us as a valued information source. Somewhere they can turn to for the straight up answers, for better or for worse.

What sets your company / products / services apart from (those of) your competitors?

It is an extremely competitive market out there with a lot of other great companies doing their best to get your business. With us, I would hope that we stand out with our personal approach and ability to access whatever information you may need to make your next property investment an informed one.

How do you see the future of your company in the light of new advances in technology?

Well, I think we are really on the cutting edge as far as how people are doing business these days and we are only too eager to improve our quality of service at every step of the way. If there is a newer and better way of doing this, we want to know about it.

What does the future hold for Dia Soleado Invest?

We would like to continue to improve our property offer and expand into new markets as well as build lasting relationships, with not just clients, but with developers as well so that we can empower ourselves to negotiate better offers for our investors.

How long have you been living in the Canary Islands/Spain?
4 years in January

How did you decide to come here?

I came here as a management consultant to help get a sales team for a development up and running. When the contract was up I had already fallen in love with Spain and wasn’t about to go back to the cold and rain anytime soon.

What motivates and drives you in the business world?

Just being connected with different people and developments from all over the world. Since being involved in property I have really found the world to be an ever-shrinking place and it’s just nice to be a part of the global society and have my finger on the pulse.

What do you consider to be your greatest personal achievement?

My two beautiful boys…hands down! Mind you they are still a work in progress.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

This company has been a pretty big accomplishment for me. It was a lot of hard work and continues to be an every day thing for me, but so far I have been extremely pleased with the results and I am really excited about what the future holds for the company and me.

How do you unwind after a stressful day/week at the office?

I usually go for a run, swim or bike ride. I’m training for the Ironman next year so any spare time that I’m not spending with my family is spent busting my hump in and around the island.

At the end of your career, what do you want to be remembered for?

Just as someone who always took the time to talk to people and who was always helpful. Someone who wasn’t afraid to speak their mind and ultimately somebody who helped make you a ton of money!



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