International Surfing Day 2012

International Surfing Day 2012

International Surf Day happens every year and is a chance for surfers to get together and celebrate the sport they love, as well as being a chance to give something back to the communities surrounding the beaches that they enjoy. Created in 2004, it also gives a chance for people that have never tried surfing before to give it a go for free!

Famara, in the north of Lanzarote is hosting one of these events on Sunday 24th June 2012. There will be the chance to take part in free surf lessons, a beach clean-up and a picnic. There will be live music and a meeting with talks about how to keep oceans and beaches clean from one of the members of Surfrider Foundation in Lanzarote. Contact for more information.

More about surfing in Famara

Famara is a small fishing village in the north of Lanzarote that boasts some of the best surfing in Europe. It is quieter than the main resorts in the south and east, but the amazing waves make up for that. Whether you are an experienced surfer or just starting out, you will find schools and equipment to hire that will suit your needs. Professional surf instructors are on hand to help you explore the waters surrounding Famara and show you all the great spots.

The surfing season in Lanzarote runs all year round, but you will find the most exciting waves from November to March, where strong storms in the Atlantic create bigger and faster waves. In the summer months, the waves are slightly smaller and calmer, perfect for beginners. The average sea temperature is 18C – 23C and surfing conditions benefit from year round sunshine. Most of the year you should be fine wearing a 3/2mm suit, but if you feel like going in without a suit in the summer, remember to wear a sleeved rash vest to protect you against the sun’s rays.

For more information about surfing in Lanzarote click here

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