Icod de Los Vinos, A Tree And Many Fruits

It’s not easy living with an historic icon but in Icod de Los Vinos the many other attractions could never be upstaged by the famous Drago tree. Everyone cranes their necks for a first view of the knarled centrepiece as the roads twist and turn up into the heart of Icod but the tower of San Marcos Evangelista church and the stacked wooden balconies soon make their own claims.

The pedestrianised Calle San Agustin snakes through the centre of the old quarter of town packed with shops and tempting cafes. During the festive season carols gently serenaded shoppers from speakers at key points. The Ayuntamiento (council) town hall at the end junction of the street is an imposing building reached by flanks of stone steps and lined with majestic statues. Another tight road to the left leads down to the Plaza Andres de Lorenzo Caceres that overlooks the Drago tree in its walled garden next to its own museum. It may feature on many Tenerife

The café at the plaza is a popular base point as photos are taken and the old white church explored. Views down to the coast at San Marcos and round to Garachico may be interrupted by the bright flicker of butterflies from the Mariposario butterfly house below with its large range of brilliant flying creatures. Around the other side of the plaza the Drago tree sits nicely against the rising terraced greenery of the hills beyond.

Taking a path around the Drago museum the old mill is worth a visit and a smaller less famous tree has its own fan club. The Casa de Los Caceres is a fine example of a traditional two floored house and doubles as a museum, one of the lesser known attractions, there are many around every corner.


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