How To Take Action And Get The Results You Want

Hello my lovely, I am happy you stumbled over this article and decided to read it! Thank you!
I’m going to go ahead and introduce myself to you, kind of  like we’re just getting to know each other.
I am Juliane Nendel, well yes that’s my name 😉
I decided to write this post, not an easy or simple thing for me to do as I am not a writer, but I thought I better kick this thought out of my mind and just do it!
All that’s needed to solve this challenge is:
  • Perception 
  • Action

Why Perception?

Well, WHAT IF it IS in fact easy and simple writing a post and I am technically creating my own problem by telling myself writing is hard and complicated?

But how can I avoid getting sucked into the vortex of limiting self-belief?

It all starts in my own mind … if I want it to be, it’s up to me!

So I DECIDE and take ACTION!

Some days I take baby steps, others quantum leaps, other days I find myself cha-cha sliding through life.

No problem, pace is individual when growing, as long as I make sure I am growing towards something I have determined to be MY purpose.

As long as I am choosing to take positive daily action towards my purpose  and motto “Living To Live” – “Balance Is Key & Love Is The Source”


 “Living To Live” – “Balance Is Key & Love Is The Source” is a way of life, a philosophy to a more “Sustainable Me”.
This “Sustainable Me” lifestyle has become a habit, being more in harmony with myself, so to say co-working with and not against myself, creating balance and sustainability on an individual basis and collectively.
In my holistic coaching sessions I help individuals and teams transforming behaviour pattern which prevent them from getting the results they want into what they DO WANT!
I assist them along the journey when meeting with resistance while changing habits and as a life coach I love making this journey of transformation as enjoyable as possible for my clients … and maybe also for you!
With Love Juliane

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