How To Increase The ROI Of Your Hotel Social Media Marketing

Recently, John Beckley gave a successful presentation at Hotel Suite Villa Maria here in Tenerife about what is the return on investment (ROI) of social media for travel and tourism brands, such as hotels, resorts and excursion companies.

Many brands are increasingly starting to realise they need to invest in a digital marketing strategy which includes social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, in order to reach a greater potential client base. Before embarking on a strategy though, company bosses often question is it really worth investing valuable time, energy and funding into using these platforms and more?

To those unfamiliar to the many benefits of modern marketing strategies, it can certainly seem that social media and digital marketing are more of an attractive add-on, rather than something that will actually bring in added revenue. This is the natural reaction of those that don’t use these tools, or have only limited experience with them. What is clear though when you delve into the statistics, if used effectively by your marketing team, social media will help your brand own the guest relationship and lead to an increase in direct bookings.

These are John’s top 3 tips to increase the ROI of your hotel social media marketing:

1. Produce Video:

Your marketing team should fully embrace and utilise videos as an integral part of your brand’s digital marketing strategy. More specifically these should be short videos that showcase experiences and are designed for mobile consumption.

A greater and greater percentage of internet consumption is through video content, especially via mobile phones, and as smartphone and tablet technology becomes more powerful and mobile internet becomes faster and more widespread. Your brand should aim to reach people where their attention now lies which is increasingly via videos on their phones or tablet computers.

2. Network and Connect:

Through your social media channels, your marketing team should be networking and connecting with other staff within your company, partner brands, organisations and people, and guests of your hotel.

Through building and nurturing this network, you can establish a large number of connections with individuals and brands who will help to engage with and share the content that your marketing team produces and shares. This in turn means that even greater numbers of people such as friends of friends will get to know about your brand, see your amazing content and become potential clients.

Also make sure to connect with guests/clients across the social media channels your company uses and respond to comments from your guests, plus other people interacting with your brand. This creates a personal touch and makes people more likely to interact with your brand’s content and share it across their social media channels, thus reaching more people.

3. Social Listening:

Social media channels should certainly not be about just broadcasting your company message; as the name suggests they are a way to listen and create conversations. Make sure your marketing team are not just focused on trying to promote your hotel/resort, but also listening to online conversations about what your guests and others are saying about your brand and the destination where you are based.

As well as listening to what is being said, make sure your team are ready to respond and engage via different channels such as Live Chat and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. You need to be engaged in real time social media listening, because people increasingly expect and want to be able to reach brands through various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and get a quick and helpful response.

Gone are the days of responding only in a Mon-Fri, 9-5 time frame. People are often online at different times such as early in the morning or late in the evening, and at weekends and they want to be able to receive responses such as answers to questions about your product. Aim to organise your team so that there are different team members working at different hours so there are individuals available to respond to questions in real time, Mon-Sun, 24/7.

You should also keep the conversation on the channel that the individual wants to engage on, rather than reverting to email or phone, and ultimately try to massage the conversation into a direct booking if the conversation is (ideally) heading in a positive direction.

In summary, use these 3 Top Tips to Increase Your Hotel Social Media Marketing ROI:

1. Produce Video
2. Network and Connect
3. Social Listening

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