How to Effectively Personalise Your Brand to the Public

Who are the real people behind the faces of those we see and serve us every day?

Not just their job or their public ‘persona’ but what lies behind closed doors… their lifestyle, background, hopes and dreams?

Well, with this exciting new project, this is what we aim to find out and share with the world…

The guy who remembers your name and your favourite coffee in Starbucks. The lady at the ice-cream stand, who’s always quick with a smile and keen to share stories of her Italian gelato. The hotel porter who seems a bit grumpy, but scratch the surface and there’s a whole rich history of travel, adventure and heartbreak.

You may well be familiar with (and if not, where have you been?) the online phenomenon of Humans of New York which treads a very similar path. And let’s be honest, is a huge inspiration for this project and countless others.

We aim to bring that magic to our part of the world, focusing on hotels for now but that is by no means our limit. We started off with a local hotel here in Tenerife where we tested the waters a little. A couple of our fine friends at Pearly Grey stepped up to be our pioneers, and what a great pair of characters they are.

So what did waiter Luis and sales ace Asa have to say for themselves?


“I love my job and am blessed to be part of a great team, living the dream. Having lived in the village most of my life – over 40 years now – my real freedom is when I’m out on my fishing boat… a true happy place!” Luis








“Nothing excites me more than changing nappies, cleaning paint off the walls and getting covered in homemade soup! Life in Tenerife couldn’t be better for me and my family – playing football with my boys, family days at the beach and the odd night out with the beautiful mother of my children, Alicia. Not to mention, waking up to blue skies, noisy kids and yogurt faces on a daily basis!” Asa




Doesn’t it just make you want you to be out on the open sea, experiencing that fresh air and freedom… or perhaps you can identify with dealing with the little ones and their antics!?

These posts were so well received – 2 of the most successful recent social media postings for Pearly Grey – that we’d love to continue and have you join us for the ride.

And it’s easy to see why this type of content works so well. People want to be a part of something, to empathise, and to see their favourite staff in the limelight and find out what makes them tick. Perhaps there may even be a few surprises… you never know what lies behind the mask (just ask Jim Carrey!).

They’re fun to produce, good for the promotion of the individuals and the companies involved and raises the profile of everyone including the core business. After all, the more engagement you have around social media, the more things get seen, shared and interacted with… and more people become aware of you and want to get involved.

The result of this is more bookings, enquiries and general good cheer associated with your business and a desire to be part of the family.

We set up a page on our partner site, Hotel Community Manager, for those in the hotel trade as that is one of several areas in which we excel. 

Do follow along with the Pearly Grey Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and see what they’ve got going on … you may just want to call in and say hello if you’re ever in the Canary Islands (certainly if you’re here right now!).

And if you’d like us to come to your hotel or business, extract personable catchy quotes and take some quality snaps of your staff, just let us know! 

We can get that all done for you, and even take care of all the headache of posting, engaging, and being on top of your social channels. We know it’s a lot of work… but it just so happens that’s what we do! So you can concentrate on what you do best and enjoy the most. Find out about the different digital marketing services that we offer here.

Now we’re off to find out what Jane in reception gets up to in her spare time!

~ Adam

@Canary PR

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