How to cut your Tenerife advertising costs AND raise your profile

My Tenerife InfoWhoever you seem to talk to these days, no matter what part of the world they’re from, doom and gloom sets the tone when discussing the economic situation. Fuel price exasperation, credit crunch woes, Euro/Sterling rate anxiety – it all spells hard times ahead for business owners in Tenerife.

Obviously advertising and promoting your company is an essential part of keeping the revenue coming in, but it’s also the first thing that many companies cease when times get hard. A sure-fire recipe for disaster. No exposure = no new clients. No new clients means you have to survive on existing client revenue – the same existing clients who are also feeling the pinch.
At times like these, it’s vital to not stop advertising, but to look at ways of cutting marketing costs while still maintaining efficient promotion. In light of the current economic climate,, owned and run by travel journalist and author Joe Cawley, are offering slashed price adverts and listings throughout August.

Instead of the usual ad rates of €355 (left-hand-side), €395 (rhs) and €550 (banner) per year, during the month of August these rates have been discounted a massive 60%. Now for €142 (lhs), €158 (rhs) and €220 (banner) per year, businesses can benefit from some of the lowest price online ads available in the Canaries on one of the highest profile Tenerife websites out there (Google 1st page for all Tenerife holiday search terms).
Not only that, but every company who takes advantage of this August special will also get a free full page listing complete with map, contact details, photos and professional write-up written in Joe’s inimitable style.

All ads are created by an in-house team of graphic designers and up to six changes can be made per year, completely free of charge.
To take advantage of this August offer, contact MyTenerifeInfo at or on 922 857002.


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