How to Create Fun Engaging Videos For Your Clients

If your brand has a digital marketing strategy, and let’s face it why wouldn’t it, then video should form an integral part of this. With so many significant advances in technology in the last decade in terms of the power of devices and internet speed, it is now easier than ever for consumers to watch video content wherever they are, whether that is at home, work, on holiday, travelling about or any number of other places.

Due to these improvements, especially in terms of mobile devices and the growing availability of high speed internet almost everywhere, video is accounting for an ever greater proportion of total internet traffic. In fact, according to a recent study released by Cisco: “Globally, IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021, up from 73 percent in 2016.”

Many brands are now taking full advantage of the increasing popularity of online video content to help successfully grow engagement from their fans and new audiences alike, increase brand awareness and ideally create more sales and revenue. One such brand that has really embraced the power of video marketing is Pearly Grey Resort in Tenerife. Our team here at Canary PR have been focused on creating video content for Pearly Grey that gains the maximum amount of views, reactions, shares and comments.

To do this, we have aimed to make videos for the resort which appeal to the strong community of guests and apartment owners. In order for videos to become popular, they must generally provoke a strong emotional reaction or be useful/informative, thus causing people to not only want to watch the video, but also engage with it such as giving it a Like (or other reactions available on Facebook), comment on it and share it with their friends, family and other connections.

It is important therefore, to consider whether the video you are making will either create a strong enough emotional response for the viewer, or be useful/informative enough for them to engage with the video and/or feel inclined to share it with others. It is through this engagement and sharing that video content becomes popular, as more and more people watch it.

SHOCKING VIDEO: Dramatic moment hero lifeguard saves drowning woman

This video has used a number of different elements to help it become popular. The first and most obvious is the title which grabs the attention of those following Pearly Grey on social media. Then, once they start watching and see the video is actually very funny with a mini story fitted into the 37 second length, this makes viewers inclined to engage with a reaction and comment, plus also to share with their connections.

Comedy videos are some of the most likely to go viral, as people love to make their friends, family and other connections laugh and thus brighten up someone else’s day. The video also has the added element of starring a well-known and loved member of staff at Pearly Grey, Fernando the lifeguard, who has worked at the resort for many years.

MUST SEE .. Mannequin Challenge:

In this video which was filmed by professional film-maker and great connection of Canary PR, Mark Fountain, we worked with Pearly Grey to make their own version of the so-called Mannequin Challenge which was trending a couple of years ago. In this trend groups of people stayed static in various positions, giving the impression that they were like mannequins frozen in different scenes. By helping Pearly Grey to create their own version, we took part in a term described as trend-jacking, by capitalising on an existing trend to boost video views and thus engagement with the resort brand.

The video also showed various members of staff and resort guests in humorous positions in the video, meaning more people wanted to watch it to see themselves and others they know, and to share it with their connections. The video therefore gained a large number of reactions, comments, shares

Local Resort takes drastic action to stop guests booking sunbeds

Pearly Grey staff had been receiving some complaints about sunbeds being “booked” unfairly by guests who had left their towels on them, even when they weren’t using the sunbeds or pool area. Rather than make a serious and negative announcement to stop people doing this, our team made a comedy video for the resort to highlight the issue to try and get guests to stop doing this.

Again an attention grabbing title was used, to get people to click on the video to watch it. Then once people had started to watch, they undoubtedly found it humorous with the exaggerated effort put in to stop people using the sunbeds. This comedy element gained many reactions, comments and shares thus increasing the view count even more. In addition to this, the video starred long term member of staff James Foster and a number of the Pearly Grey guests.

The United Airlines #UnitedChallenge

Back in April 2017 there was an incident aboard a United Airlines flight due to take off from an airport in Chicago. The flight had been overbooked and some of the seats were needed for United Airlines flight crew, but one passenger refused to give up his seat. He was then forcibly removed and dragged off the plane and it was claimed by the airline boss that the passenger was being belligerent. A video of the incident subsequently went viral as it showed the airline security acting in a very forcible and unfair manner.

This incident and video was all over the internet and media for a number of days, so the Canary PR team decided to do a bit of Trend-Jacking again and made our own light hearted version of this for Pearly Grey, making fun at the way the airline acted. The video starred James Foster and other members of staff, plus guests at the resort who joined in the fun. The video had a huge number of views and engagement, showing a little bit of comedy can go a long way!


In order to create fun engaging videos for your clients, you must help them understand the benefit of these type of videos for their brand. While there is certainly still a place for more serious video content, these type of more light-hearted, entertaining and funny videos do extremely well in terms of views and engagement, thus fostering your existing community and building new connections, increasing brand awareness and leading to the potential of greater sales.

Many guests and staff love to get involved in helping to make these kind of videos, watch them later and share with their friends, family and other connections as they are more authentic and show the real human side of your brand. Ultimately people relate to other people, not brands, so by creating videos that people can relate to you can create much greater brand loyalty for the clients that you work with.

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