Hey Teacher Don’t Leave Those Kids Alone

Chaining their school closed was just another lesson in the harsh realities of life for pupils at CEIP Aponte School in Alcala, Guia de Isora today. The drastic action came after the parents association AMPA decided that they were fed up with excuses for the lack of a replacement teacher for a hospitalised colleague, missing for 5 weeks.

Some 28 pupils at the Centro de Ensenanza de Infantil & Primaria centre have been deprived of their lessons despite the law setting a 15 day limit to be left without tuition. Hellen Le Fevre has been at the forefront of the fight frustrated at the lack of action to give her children the education they need. The protesters went up to Santa Cruz last wek to complain at the Ministry of Education but only got vague assurances that they would look into the matter.

The show of solidarity certainly drew plenty of attention with local newspapers and television crews highlighting the ongoing problem, as police and Guardia Civil kept a watch on the large crowd. Guia de Isora council have said there is no money for a replacement teacher but the parents and pupils want them to do their sums again. We await a happy outcome.

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