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In today’s world, change is occurring at a quicker and quicker pace as technology continues to develop and improve. In recent years, the pace of these changes seems to have increased even more rapidly, especially with the advent of high speed mobile internet, vast improvements in smart phone technology and the growing use of social media among literally billions of people.

With these new developments come new opportunities, especially for businesses who want to increase the success of their marketing, sell more products and increase their profits. One such type of business that now has the perfect opportunity to pivot into this new style of marketing and growth are real estate agents. With the right mindset, training and skills, real estate agents are extremely well placed to grow successfully in this new world of digital marketing.

Recently our team began working with the Second Home Tenerife team, by training them in various forms of digital marketing such as how to produce videos and photos specifically for social media, YouTube, blogs and their website, how to create posts that maximise engagement for the Second Home Tenerife brand accounts and their own personal accounts, how to use social media to engage with potential clients and fans of the company, and how to view marketing from a new perspective in preparation for now and the future.

New brands are constantly emerging to disrupt the market of more established and less forward thinking companies. This is why it is so vital for companies such as Second Home Tenerife to completely shift how they approach marketing and promotion of their products. Clients are becoming increasingly savvy in who they make their purchases from and have ever more information on products, prices and choices at their finger-tips.

Because of this they are less swayed by a brand name when they decide to make a purchase, and more by the trustworthiness and personalities of the people working for a company and the overall ethos of the brand. Second Home Tenerife is a very well established real estate agency brand in the south of Tenerife, so they certainly already have this in their favour, so it makes perfect sense to successfully transition into the use of digital marketing to advertise the company, connect with potential clients and increase sales.

Because buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most people will ever make in their lives, trust is vital. Through the use of online social media profiles such as on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, and the advertisement of these on the Second Home Tenerife website, the team working for Second Home Tenerife are further strengthening the trust that the company has built up over years. Rather than shying away from social media, the brand is actively presenting the team online, allowing clients to connect, engage and ask questions.

Second Home Tenerife has also formed a working relationship with Tenerife Magazine, a well-established digital publication. This is an excellent move as it means Second Home Tenerife will gain even more exposure through links on Tenerife Magazine and through social media shares via the larger Tenerife Magazine network.

One of the main things to realise is that things are not going back to how they were before with leaflets, print advertising, radio and television. At the moment these still have a place but are rapidly becoming more and more irrelevant as people’s attention switches to digital devices. Second Home Tenerife is transitioning itself successfully for this change.

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