Heat Warning And Barbecue Ban As Temperatures Soar

The Tenerife Cabildo is warning residents and visitors that from today [11 August] and until further notice, the Canary Islands Government has declared a state of pre alert for the higher ground on the island of Tenerife due to a heat wave forecast by the Spanish Met Office or Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (Aemet).

The temperatures could hit 34 degrees centigrade today and 37 degrees centigrade tomorrow 12 August 2010, coupled with high winds of up to 75 kms per hour in the mountains, which has prompted an official ban on certain activities in the hills and woods.

As of today the Island Corporation’s ban includes no lighting of fires of any kind in recreation and BBQ areas; a ban on fireworks; no burning vegetation and leftovers from tree cutting and plant clippings; no bonfires of any kind as well as the use in farmland or wooded areas of any type of equipment which could give off sparks such as weeding machines, burners for bee keepers or soldering equipment etc.

The Cabildo has confirmed that the ban will not be officially lifted until the weather cools down and the extreme risk of forest and wild fires is reduced.

As part of the Cabildo de Tenerife’s safety measures for forest fire and wild fire prevention, all visitors and residents on the island are strongly urged NOT to go up into the hills and woods over the next few days until the situation improves. The Island Corporation kindly request that drivers use only the tarmacked roads and avoid forest tracks whenever possible. Holidaymakers and residents are strongly recommended to take extra precautions when visiting the mountains.

In an emergency please call 112.

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