Golf Las Americas Welcomes Careful Drivers

It’s Saturday, the weather is set fair and the Tenerife & La Gomera Golf Circuit is ready to tee off its second round. On 19 June Golf Las Americas will be the place to be for around 170 keen golfers of several different nationalities.

This is the fourth year of the circuit and it continues to grow in stature and unite golf lovers originating from different parts of the world with locally born players. It’s not just popular with players, local business’s see it as a great platform to promote their name, this round Gomasper are the main sponsors.

Golf Las Americas is an easy place for the players to converge on, but the course is always testing and well maintained. To find out more about Golf Las Americas take a look at their new blog and to sign up for the remaining games of the circuit, try the Tenerife & La Gomera Association website.

Keep up to date with Golf Las Americas on their Blog and check out their Google Profile. You can also become a fan of theirs on Facebook and follow them on various Social Media sites including Twitter, Youtube and Flickr.

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