Global travel site My Destination relaunches by emphasizing local expertise to showcase Tenerife to an international audience as well as a local market

By reinforcing its USP of local expertise in Tenerife with ‘hand-made’ content My Destination combines the strength of a global operation and marketing strength with local, on-the-ground knowledge

My Destination, a leading online travel guide with a focus on local knowledge and expertise, today re-launches its portal of 68 destination across the world from, to Malta, Singapore, Kenya and Tenerife. The company aims to add another 55 destinations in the coming months.

My Destination Tenerife’s on-the-ground team have been building relationships with local businesses and the Tenerife community. The new site cements its USP of local expertise by showcasing local tips, reviews and exclusive offers. As a result, users access the type of information that they rarely find on global travel guide sites, and only get once they arrive in Tenerife.

Since My Destination’s earliest days ‘local expertise’ has been its mantra. Today this differentiates it from the more traditional global yet ‘operate-from-headquarters-only’ websites.

Traditional travel sites can carry a lot of general information. But that’s a commodity. My Destination is more than that – we aim to give users value-add. For us this means providing ‘local expertise’ and there’s only one way to get that and it’s with people on the ground. We absolutely pride ourselves in our ‘hand made approach to each of our destinations so that we offer the service and knowledge that only local people can provide. Our new site is reflects this best.” – Neil Waller, CEO

My Destination’s local teams have created substantial amounts of professional-quality videos and industry-leading panoramic virtual tours (3,000 in total and growing). These, together with close to 1,100 articles and a quarter of a million photographs, are all aimed to inspire and inform users who have visited the portal 18 million times in the last year.

My Destination Tenerife has always been able to achieve a global reach and now with the launch of the new site and with emphasis on marketing and promotion at a global scale we are confident that our local businesses will be even more successful in attracting visitors. The addition of many new features on the site also means that we’re offering a whole host of benefits to local users. We are a global brand, whilst still servicing our local audience.” – Joe Cawley, Managing Director, Tenerife

My Destination is also increasing its offering by providing users with online booking. To offer competitive deals it has partnered up with global providers for accommodation (Hotels Combined), flights (Sky Scanner), Car Rental (CarTrawler) and travel insurance (WorldNomads). My Destination is about being locally informed, and globally inspired.

About My Destination

My Destination is a global travel resource powered by a diverse community of local experts on the ground, providing unrivalled local knowledge and unique local deals. We make travel experiences more enriched, more enjoyable and quite simply, better.

Passionate about providing the best value for money, we work closely with the global players whilst also supporting local businesses and everyone’s right to choose what suits them best. Our local experts produce comprehensive information with unique travel articles and guides, insider tips, videos and panoramic virtual tours. Through interactive features visitors can personalize, share and inspire their travel experiences.

Established in 2006 by award-winning (and travel-mad) young entrepreneurs Neil Waller and James Street, we now cover 68 destinations around the globe. We are headquartered in London and Marbella, but our community spans all the continents worldwide.


Joe Cawley
Managing Director
Phone: 676 711285

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