Freebird Jeep Tours closes down

This is an email we received from Freebird regarding the Closure of Freebird Jeep Tours( Safari Islands S.L) :

We regret to announce that Safari Island SL, Freebird Jeep Tours will cease to operate as of 10th May 2008.

We have no alternative but to reach this decision at short notice, as the financial constraints due to current economic circumstances and the significant increases in fuel costs and overheads have made it no longer commercially viable.

You will appreciate that we have made numerous financial endeavours in order to avoid this decision but due to the current and historic trading deficits, and the increasing demands of both quality and adherence to legal requirements placed upon us by providers and statutory authorities we have no alternative but to cease operation as we are unwilling to sacrifice our standard of product in favour of continuing a less satisfactory service.

This decision has no financial impact on the operation of Freebird Sailing and business continues as usual.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for all your past support and we hope to maintain our business relationship with you through Freebird Sailing.
 Steve Beck                  Peter Ivory

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