FREE Wine tours to south vineyards

Free bus departs Saturdays and Sundays in May Get to know the wine cellars and wines from South Tenerife! On 8,9,15,16, 22,23,29 & 30 May at 09.00 am, coach departs from La Recova in Santa Cruz. The guided tour is free and includes coach, visit to wine cellar, food and wine tasting. Organised by the Consejo Regulador de Abona in association with the Tenerife Cabildo’s Department for Agriculture.

The grape vines grow in volcanic soil in the south of Tenerife from an altitude of 150 metres up to 1,600 metres. In this large sunny area, 90% of the ecological grapes in the Canaries can be found and 80% of the Malmsey grapes (malvasía). This is a pilot scheme to promote the southern wine region and if it’s is successful the idea is to continue it through the summer on Saturdays for a nominal charge and also in future, coach tours could be offered from South Tenerife to cater for visitors and local residents.

For more information contact 922209914 or 922164241 Betty or Trini Email:

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