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Evergreen Content: Your guide to long-term ranking success

So-called Evergreen Content ranks permanently well and thus increases the number of hits on your site. We’ll tell you what you need to pay attention to when creating it.

Want to keep traffic to your site without having to put in a lot of work on new posts? The so-called Evergreen Content does exactly that. We explain what Evergreen Content is, what it means for marketing and social media, which factors have to be fulfilled and give tips and tricks for content that stays.

If it’s a current topic, it will be googled and read a lot on the day in question. In addition, the article was usually posted on social media on the day it was published and thus attracted a lot of attention. But most news become obsolete as quickly as they went viral. This is different with Evergreen Content. Although page views there also rise and fall from time to time, there is a steady flow of visitors to the site.


Definition: What is Evergreen Content?

Right from the start: What is Evergreen Content? An “evergreen” describes a piece of music that survives the changing musical tastes of generations. “Hit the Road Jack”, “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” or “What a Wonderful World” are then as now in all mouths and ears. The original evergreens are plants that remain green all year round. Simply explained, Evergreen Content online is content that does not lose its relevance even after months and years and therefore always ranks well.

The difference between content and topics

However, a distinction must be made between Evergreen Topics, i.e. topics that work well, and Evergreen Content, i.e. certain content. For example, football results would be an evergreen topic, but not evergreen content. Although the topic “football results” is perennial and will remain so for the foreseeable future, the respective content is not. After all, hardly anyone looks for the results of the last few months.

Why is Evergreen Content relevant for marketing?

Evergreen Content’s constant relevance ensures a steady stream of visitors to your site – exactly the traffic you want for each post. This increases traffic to your site, increases your visibility on the Internet and ultimately increases your conversions. Typical examples of Evergreen Content include glossaries, tutorials and guides.

Evergreen Content and Social Media

Another great advantage of Evergreen Content is that it can be posted regularly on various social networks, for example. After all, it is just as relevant to the followers in January as it is in July. So why not upload it from time to time and remind them?

The most important factors: Form, User Experience, SEO

There are three factors that determine how well your content is received, found, ranked and ultimately make it an evergreen content Form, user experience and SEO should always be considered when creating content.



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