Direct Telecom offers new and faster ADSL options for country house owners in Spain

Getting a top quality ADSL broadband connection in the rural areas of Spain has always been a hassle. Always hungry for any monopoly they can lay their hands on, Telefonica has kept its rural networks to itself for as long as possible, barring all other ADSL operators from offering competing Internet services in Spain’s rural areas.

One of the (few) disadvantages of living in Spain’s beautiful countryside has been that all you could get was the 512Kbps Internet connection that Telefonica wanted to sell you for the same price as its full-speed ADSL town service. And you also had to do without the free calls to all landlines in Spain.

Now, Direct Telecom has finally obtained access to all rural ADSL networks in Spain and is in a position to offer you a range of ADSL options to suit all budgets! And if you’ve been missing those free calls to fixed lines in Spain, it’s time to rejoice because Direct Telecom is offering them too!

Take a look at this of Direct Telecom’s rural ADSL services, complete with prices and see for yourself:


512 Kbps 1 Megabit 2 Megabits 4 Megabits
ADSL with FREE Spanish landline calls included 44.50€ per month 79.50€ per month 119€ per month 149€ per month

Direct Telecom will also soon be offering a new 24×7 flat rate dial-up Internet service, called JustNet, in those rural areas that lie outside the current coverage zone of broadband ADSL in Spain (as well as for those who would like a cheaper alternative to ADSL). This will cost just 19.50€ a month

Besides, if you run a business in town and want a lightning fast 4Megabit or even 8 Megabit ADSL connection these are available from Direct Telecom for 89.90€ and 119€ a month respectively

Contact Direct Telecom for more information on these and all their other services.

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