Causes We Support


Canary Green

Here at Canary PR we passionately believe that individuals and businesses should work towards a common goal of becoming more environmentally sustainable, especially in light of the recent scientific evidence regarding the growing and severe threat of global climate change.

Because of this we have decided to launch a project called Canary Green which has a number of key aims:

  • Educate
  • Inspire
  • Create Awareness
  • Promote positive stories of local businesses becoming more environmentally aware and sustainable

To help further these aims, Canary Green has helped to organise and promote several beach clean ups in Tenerife to both help clean the local environment directly and also raise awareness through videos, photos, social media updates and blog posts.

Another part of the Canary Green project which is also connected to our passion for helping improve the environment, is the Tenerife Vegan project which we recently launched.

If your brand is working on any sustainable projects, get in touch with us today to see how we can work together.

Ingane Yami Children’s Village

The inspiring Ingane Yami Children’s Village  is located near Durban in South Africa. Their fantastic mission statement is to rescue children, rebuild families, restore lives, release leaders. While there is still much to do in South Africa for underprivileged children, the vital work that the charity does is a huge step in the right direction.

This amazing charity is closely supported by the Canary PR team in collaboration with Pearly Grey Ocean Club, who every year help to raise funds for Ingane Yami through an annual charity golf tournament which Canary PR helps to support and promote with videos, photos, blog posts and social media updates.

Walk For Life

The annual  Carrera por la Vida/ Walk for Life event here in Tenerife organised in aid of the fight against breast cancer, continues to grow in stature and attendance, drawing in thousands of attendees who raise tens of thousands of euros every year in aid of this extremely important cause!

The  walk was originally organised and started 14 years ago by the hugely dedicated Brigitte Gypen to help raise money and awareness for the treatment of breast cancer. Brigitte, along with her team once again worked extremely hard since the event last year to organise the 14th fantastic walk at the end of 2018. Here at Canary PR we were very happy to promote this event with videos, photos, blog posts