Copywriter in Tenerife

Need a Freelance Copywriter or Professional Content Writer?

The words you put out there are fundamental to any success you will (or won’t) have. Whether that’s written content or scripts for a video, if you get this wrong then no-one will be inspired to take any action. Read: business fails.

We would argue that this is the most important aspect of any business and the backbone of all you produce. This is not the kind of thing you can just slap-dash up on a site and wait for the orders to roll in. Each word needs to be constructed and used most effectively to inform, educate, entertain and ultimately encourage people to take the actions you want.

This can’t be left to chance, and it doesn’t have to be. We are fortunate enough to have in our ranks, quality, creative copywriters who know how to turn a phrase, get relevant points across and add a dash of sparkle to separate your content from all the other same-same offerings out there. You need to stand out from the crowd and this is one of the best and only ways that can happen.

Your options are the following:

  1. Do it yourself. Great, if you or someone in your organisation can write to a high standard, are reliable and deliver time and time again… then stick with them, they’re a rare find! If not, and if you don’t have the time or inclination to stare at a keyboard trying to think of profound things to say on a consistent basis, then you need outside help.
  2. You can outsource to any number of places across the world through all kinds of content mill type sites. But trust us, you may want to avoid this, as non-native, fight to the bottom kind of copy isn’t what’s going to set you apart. It’s going to show you up. We’ve seen this in action, and any bit of money you ‘save’ is going to be all gone when it ends up needed to be edited (or rewritten) by a professional. Not to mention the time, energy and headache involved. Best to get the pros in off the bat and create something special along with building a long-term relationship.
  3. Hire someone or a company who specialise in this very aspect and will knock it out the park every time. Whether that’s us or another company or individual that delivers the goods, that’s up to you… but this isn’t the time to be taking risks. Always think in terms of value over the course of time: yes, you may spend more money now, but 10X your business as a result. That would be a win. The alternative is to save a few dollars now but have no impetus and always be lagging in momentum, chasing savings rather than building an empire.

Writing is a pain if you don’t like doing it. It’s time consuming and can be demoralising… so why not just leave it to someone else, and you concentrate on what you enjoy and moves the needle the most?

We’re full of weird and wonderful ideas, so we welcome finding out what makes you and your company tick and constructing a castle of beautiful words to reflect that.

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