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There’s a new game in town and in order to succeed you’ve got to figure out how to play it. We all know how important digital marketing and social media is these days but many people don’t understand the full extent and it’s seriously hurting their business. Even people who do, don’t have that time or inclination to keep on top of their Social presence.

Here at Canary PR we not only understand the ever changing rules of promotion, branding and getting your name, products and services out there but also take a modern, progressive and innovative angle to help set ourselves and our clients apart from the rest.

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Full Service Social Media Management

The core of what we offer and where we really come in to our own. You don’t have time to do all this (fortunately, this is where we shine!) but it does need to be done to ensure your message is getting shared and you are maximising your potential.

We offer 3 main packages going from a basic coverage to full-blown social domination! It’s also possible to ‘mix & match’ a little to tailor the best package for you, just ask and we can see what we can muster up.

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Intensive Training

The other side of this happy little coin is getting you up to speed and running with these concepts yourself. We offer a full day’s extensive training, where we will come to you and deliver a talk that will have you walking away pumped, full of energy and actionable ideas which you can put in place straight away and see your profile soar.

Of course, this can be used in combination with us managing your social media for you. Combine the 2 for the most powerful punch!

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Creative Copywriting

We can offer this as a stand-alone service, or as part of a wider package. The words that you put out there – whether that be your website copy, blog posts, social media postings, eBooks or anywhere else, need to be engaging and inspire interest in the reader and ultimately take an action.

This cannot be underestimated, needs to be consistent and have a spark that sets it apart from your competitors.

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Cross Channel Promotion

Tap into our extensive network firing across all the social media platforms. We work with partners all around the Canary Islands and beyond and you will instantly be a part of that wonderful web.

Again, this isn’t something that can be ‘dabbled’ in, a little here and there, posting only when you have something to promote etc. This needs to be full on so you’re always fresh in people’s minds and associated with good feelings. There’s an art and a science to this… so leave that all to us and you concentrate on what you do best and enjoy the most.

Video & Photography

We don’t just take a few snaps and leave it that, we go all in on the best of visual images and viral videos that add a punchy spice to your brand. We have a lot of fun doing these (as will you) and they work. We push the boundaries, do not follow conventions and are proud of that fact… and you should be too. This is no time for being meek… get this right and you’ll garner interest, shares, and ultimately new and repeat business!

Media Trips

A Canary PR media trip is so much more than a standard blog trip resulting in far greater promotion for your hotel, resort or destination and the various excursions and activities on offer. Increasingly guests are booking holidays based on seeing and trying new experiences and places, and for many a week by the pool just won’t cut it. Our media trips include engaging videos, beautiful photography, creative blog posts and exciting social media updates from our team of specialists.

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Real Estate Promotion

Canary PR are specialists in is Real Estate promotion, with our Through The Keyhole property series. As part of this series, we can create a digital marketing package to help promote specific properties. This package is available to Real Estate agents or directly to those selling their own property in Tenerife. The package we offer will greatly enhance the probability of your property being successfully sold within a shorter space of time, by reaching a wider audience of potential buyers both from those within the island and outside buyers.

Click here to find out how a Canary PR real estate promotion package will help give your property sale a significant boost!

Put all these together and you have the ultimate toolkit to take your business to the next level, and do it in such a way that will leave a positive mark on all that you come into contact with.

Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that you need to keep on top of it all and move with the times. This is almost impossible to do whilst being busy with everything else, so we will keep our beady eyes on all current and emerging tech – whether that be AI, AR, VR, mobile, blockchain, chatbots and all the weird and wild inventions that haven’t come to light yet but will be sure to take the world by storm in the next decade.

Contact us today if you feel that any of these services could be of use to boosting your brand by filling out a form here or contact us directly:

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