Canary Islands Marine set fair for winter season

Winter is not a frightening word in Tenerife, it merely signals slightly cooler temperatures that encourage more prolonged outdoor exposure, a good excuse to slip the mooring, and give the boat or yacht a good run out. To stay in ship shape condition a trip to is a good idea, they can check your vessel over and set you up for another fun and season on the Atlantic.

Based in Puerto Colon, Costa Adeje are always on the leading wave when it comes to the latest safety equipment and accesories. They can also offer expert advice on mooring, insurance and the buying and selling of sea faring craft. Tenerife is well placed to open up the oceans to all sailors, for leisure, business and sport, it’s good to have someone on tour side that shares your enthusiasm and love of the sea.

Puerto Colon is one of the most vibrant marinas you will find on your travels, it caters for all levels and interests, and is a tourist attraction in its own right. Before embarking on a sea adventure, pop in to and see what they can do to improve your enjoyment of the Atlantic and beyond.

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