Canarian Weekly Always On Track For Tenerife Readers

All aboard, Canarian Weekly is pulling into a station, well a bar or shop, near you, and that’s more than can be said for the much promoted north to south train. The 1.8 billion euro project has hit the buffers, Canarian Weekly tells you why, they know the history having reported the ambitious plan as it chugged along, another example of their pledge to keep the readers informed of the burning issues in Tenerife.

Let’s look inside and see what else is coming your way this week. There’s the fallout from the Spanish general election, if that is a bit depressing you could always chance your luck on El Gordo Spain’s bank busting christmas lottery, find out how you can play and boggle your mind with the staggering number of prizes up for grabs.

There’s a big car fair coming to Santa Cruz, a go kart fiesta in Costa Adeje, and a new ITV (MOT) centre open for business in Adeje. Motorists always turn to Canarian Weekly, the regular Behind The Wheel page is a must to keep up with latest driving trends. There’s a good deal all round for people with special interests, Canarian Weekly has columns on gardening, sport, hair, and fitness. There’s so much to cram in, make sure you pick up your free weekly copy at the many outlets around Tenerife.

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