Canarian Weekly Gets Everyones Vote

Another big week ahead in Tenerife and Canarian Weekly is ahead of the game. Spain goes to the polls this weekend, we’ve all looked out at the problems in Greece and Italy but could Spain be next and how would that affect island life. These are changing times, handy then that Canarian Weekly has an expert on Spanish law as one of its informative columnists.

Plenty of good news for residents and visitors to Tenerife, one of the UK’s top boy bands are on their way to play a free outdoor concert, you can read all the details in this weeks edition. Fancy some luxury? The swankiest hotel in Santa Cruz has just re-opened after a 25 million euro refit, get the lowdown on what you get for that sort of money.

As the clock ticks down to the London 2012 Olympics take a look at who has paid a visit to our shores to get ship shape for the challenge ahead. That still leaves plenty of room for all your usual favourites like television timings, horoscopes, puzzles, weather, sport and those free small ads. Make sure you pick up your free copy of Canarian Weekly and be better informed and prepared to enjoy life in the sun.

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