Callao Salvaje Presents Playa Ajabo, A New Beach For Adeje

As Callao Salvaje has grown and matured there has been one big project that has dominated the wish list for this village on the west coast of Tenerife – the upgrade of Playa Ajabo beach. Nature had provided the basic cove but to make it family friendly it needed some protection from the rare extremes of the weather, and easy access. Finally on 18 May the official inauguration took place.
Now visitors can’t wait to stroll down the ramps and stairs to enjoy the new covering of dark shingle sand and the gentle roll of the waves, calmed by the new dyke and quay arm that reaches out to embrace one side of the bay. Getting the balance right was a tall order, one of the attractions of Callao Salvaje is its more sedate feel, the rugged cost is very beautiful to walk along on the cliff top path.

The beach features two rock clusters that protrude frrom the original base, they add a bit of character and are proving popular spots to gather around.In addition,just beyond the quay there is a small terraced area of steps that make a great place to chill out while looking out to the jagged progress of the coast. The quay will eventually be a mooring point for small boats but it has already been adopted as a stage for a spot of fishing. The craggy rocks also make this stretch of coast popular with divers,the beach now provides a safe and easy entry point into the Atlantic.

At the back of the beach the showers are already in operation but the changing rooms and upstairs snack kiosk will take a little longer. It’s a much needed boost for the local community, established tourist favourites like Pearly Grey Ocean Club see it as a natural compliment to their facilities and another reason for holiday makers to choose Callao Salvaje.

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