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Increasingly, your guests or visitors are no longer watching TV, listening to the radio, reading magazines, and certainly not picking up flyers.

This trend is only set to continue and strengthen with each progressive generation. The digital revolution is here to stay, so to try and fight against this is like attempting to hold back the ocean when the tide has changed. Rather than pretending this isn’t happening, your hotel, resort or destination should adapt to these shifts and fully embrace the digital revolution.

A responsive website, strong social media presence and engaging blog should all be standard practice within your hotel, resort or destination’s digital marketing strategy and should be seen as the basics that replace TV, radio and print advertising. These basics can be built upon substantially though, and one way is to organise a media trip from the Canary PR team.

Organised blog trips have been standard practice for a number of years, with international travel bloggers travelling to hotels, resorts and destinations and writing blog posts to help promote them. These kind of posts have been very effective in the past but are now nothing new.

How does a Canary PR Media Trip differ from a standard blog trip?

A Canary PR media trip is so much more than a standard blog trip resulting in far greater promotion for your hotel, resort or destination and the various excursions, activities and trips available. Increasingly guests are booking holidays based on seeing and trying new experiences and places, and for many a week by the pool just won’t cut it.

A Canary PR media trip builds on a standard blog trip, as there are blog posts written about the trip, but it is so much more than text and a few basic photographs. Often a blog trip will only involve a solo blogger. While they may be a great writer, and good photographer, this is often all they bring to the table. A Canary PR media trip doesn’t just rely on one person for all the promotion but instead our team of specialists.

Through our team of specialists a Canary PR media trip is far better than a standard blog trip as the text, photographs, videos and marketing will be produced by professionals who specialise in these areas. This is opposed to one single person trying to be effective in everything but ultimately being unable to succeed in all areas.

La Gomera Jeep Safari Case Study

Recently our team travelled to La Gomera as part of a media trip for Pearly Grey resort in Tenerife. The trip to La Gomera is one of the excursions that Pearly Grey is now offering as part of its move to offer more experiences to its guests. As mentioned earlier travellers are increasingly expecting to be able to have amazing experiences when they stay at a hotel or resort, or visit a new destination, rather than just spending every day by the pool.

During the trip our team created:

Video content:

A variety of updates for social media:



La Gomera Jeep Safari

Blog Post:

How to Experience La Gomera With A Stunning Jeep Safari Adventure

All of this content is now online continuing to provide value to both Pearly Grey and the excursion company that kindly took the team on the excursion. Unlike TV, radio and print advertising that loses its value quickly after it is shown, digital marketing such as this has a lasting value as it remains online for new audiences to find and get inspired by.

Almost immediately following this trip, with the video, photography, blog post and social media updates online, there were bookings made, with guests at Pearly Grey mentioning how they had been inspired to go after seeing the content that Canary PR had created!

Do not hesitate to book a Canary PR media trip for your hotel, resort or destination, you will be amazed by the results.

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