Who benefits from the corona crisis?

Posted by: Ines Georgescu | On: 20th Mar, 2020 Some countries have already imposed a curfew,  too, those who are able to do so work from their home office. While the retail and catering sectors are suffering most, others are gaining from the Corona crisis. Due to the leisure time now spent in the home, the use of streaming services such as Netflix

Technology promotes home office for coronavirus

Posted by: Ines Georgescu | On: 16th Mar, 2020 In view of the increase in cases of coronavirus, technologies promote remote work for both users and their employees. The Covid-19 or Coronavirus was already declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) which has raised the health requirements in the world with the aim that the disease do

4 reasons why videos must be in your content strategy

Posted by: Nikoletta Szabo | On: 25th Oct, 2019 If you’ve only been thinking about creating video content for your company, now it is time to make your plans come true. 2019 has been the year of videos and this trend continues to stick in 2020 as well. Let us show you why it’s still not too late to start experimenting with video content,

4 New Trends for Online Marketing in 2020 & Beyond

Posted by: William Pointing | On: 18th Jul, 2019 A career in digital marketing is constantly evolving. Keeping an eye on trends outside of your day job is crucial, as your role is very likely not to exist in 10 years’ time or if it does, it could be outsourced to a robot, called Sally. I’ve researched online and met some Google specialists to [&h

10 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Essential

Posted by: Tania Lawrence | On: 8th Jun, 2019 So email is dead. No one uses it any more, right? Well, maybe I can convince you to re- evaluate that. Yes, there’s social media, SEO and video and they all work well and are great marketing tools. However, when it comes to great engagement, a true 1 to 1 connection with your customers and […]

How To Take Action And Get The Results You Want

Posted by: Juliane Nendel | On: 28th May, 2019 Hello my lovely, I am happy you stumbled over this article and decided to read it! Thank you! I’m going to go ahead and introduce myself to you, kind of  like we’re just getting to know each other. I am Juliane Nendel, well yes that’s my name 😉 I decided to write this post, not [&

How to Effectively Personalise Your Brand to the Public

Posted by: Adam Barratt | On: 27th May, 2019 Who are the real people behind the faces of those we see and serve us every day? Not just their job or their public ‘persona’ but what lies behind closed doors… their lifestyle, background, hopes and dreams? Well, with this exciting new project, this is what we aim to find out and share with the


Posted by: Mark Smith | On: 25th May, 2019 I believe deep down we all have a passion for something. Whether that is Sports / Drawing / Music etc. We are not put here on earth to just work 40+ hours a week and then die without using the gifts we’re given. Each and every soul that has ever walked this earth has a […]

The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Green!

Posted by: Adam Barratt | On: 20th May, 2019 Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you will know our planet (the habitat we call home) is in a bit of trouble. Question is, how can we deal with the damage being caused and create a living space where everyone and everything, thrives? You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing
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Achieve Social Media Success by Avoiding Complacency

Posted by: Simon Turkas | On: 17th May, 2019 The world of social media, digital marketing and technology moves extremely fast and from all indications is only set to increase in rapidly evolving and advancing. You only have to think about the changes that have happened in recent years to see how far this type of marketing has come and what kind o