AIP Group launches a new website for Morocco Property

With the ever increasing army of tourists and property investors flocking to Morocco, Atlantic International Property (AIP) Group has launched a new website to keep you up to date with the latest news from the country. was created to provide both visitors and investors alike with information and developments in Morocco and is a useful resource for anyone planning to live in or visit the country. With regular updates, the site provides an intelligent and lively view of current trends, news and events and offers readers the chance to post comments, discuss stories and add information.

The website was launched due to the popular demand for information about this new property hotspot, for which AIP Group has seen a huge increase in the past year.

AIP Group opened the first British estate agents in Tenerife over 25 years ago and has since grown into one of the most influential real estate groups in the mid-Atlantic. With a large portfolio of the widest range of homes available throughout the mid-Atlantic, they realised the importance of providing making the information everyone needs when considering buying a home accessible to all.

Lawrence Howard, AIP Group’s managing director, said:
“We’ve seen the entire industry from its beginnings until today. And in that time things have changed beyond recognition. Not only have the home buying areas seen rapid development, but the nature of the business has undergone many transformations.”
For more information about buying property in Morocco, visit For the latest news in Morocco, see

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