Common Content Marketing Mistakes

5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Content marketing is a highly valuable tool for all businesses but, make sure you are not committing these 5 common errors.

Gone are the days when promoting your brand was as simple as creating an eye catching advert. Today, consumers demand more and it’s up to brands to deliver. Content marketing is a highly valuable way to connect consumers with brands through the power of storytelling. Recent studies show that 71% of consumers are likely to recommend brands that they have an emotional connection with. Through content marketing brands are able to provide the consumer with a positive, insightful online experience and provide an authentic connection.

Unlike PPC and other advertising strategies that use a pay per click method, content marketing requires one upfront fee but continues to add value long after it has been published. Today, content marketing powers online success for any brand. It is the most effective way to engage your audience and convert people into paying customers. And, it is also great for SEO too providing businesses with 434% more indexed pages and 97% more links, according to Hubspot.

So, it is obvious that having a blog and incorporating content into your marketing strategy will help your business reap dividends, but, make sure that you are not committing these 5 deadly content marketing mistakes.

inspire and engage
Inspire and engage content marketing

   1.Don’t Mistake Content Marketing for Advertising

A company blog is a place to inspire and engage your audience. Blog articles are free snippets of content that brands use to entice people into the sales funnel and by using storytelling tactics, readers will hopefully sign up and convert into customers. People want to learn more about a topic in general before deciding upon a specific product. For example, a hotel offering 5* stays in Tenerife shouldn’t blog about how amazing their facilities are, instead they should share interesting itineraries guests could follow or talk about the exciting excursions available on the island. Providing useful information about your niche will show you as an expert and build trust between you and potential consumers. A blog is not the place to mention how great your products are, that is what you should talk about on your product pages.

2. Doing Content Marketing Because Your Competitors Are Doing It

Understanding what your competitors are offering is an essential part of marketing, however, just because someone is doing something doesn’t mean you need to do exactly the same as them. Make it PERSONAL! Content marketing is also an essential part of branding, it gives those who don’t know your brand an insight into how you do business. So, don’t use the copy and paste method and steal your competitors strategy, think about what message you want to put out. It is your chance to stand out and innovate your niche.

Make it Personal
Make it Personal Marketing

3. Not Having A Clear Idea of Who Your Target Audience Is

Spending time to really get to know your audience is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Successful businesses address the problems their audience has and then provide them with solutions. The same logic should be applied for your content marketing strategy. Investigate who your ideal customer is and look at what questions, concerns or fears that they have and work to create content that provides solutions for your audience.

4. Having No Clear Timeline

So many companies have no clear content strategy or timeline in place for their content marketing. It is common to see content marketing get delegated to an intern who will post blog posts or social media updates only when they remember. Having no clear direction to your content marketing efforts is a sure fire way to ensure failure. Just as a TV network has a clear schedule of when shows will air, your brand should have a regular routine for putting out content. It will not only reassure your readers that you are serious about your work, it will build trust.

5. Thinking That Anyone Can Write a Blog Post

This is so NOT true! But it is sadly the reality within many small businesses. Not everyone is skilled and talented at everything. You wouldn’t ask a friend who is good at DIY to build your house; you would ask a professional. So, don’t sell yourself short with poor content that doesn’t convert. Hiring a professional copywriter who can fine tune your brand message, ensure that all copy is SEO friendly and provide you with foolproof growth strategies is an investment that all businesses should consider. Well written copy not only makes your business stand out but will increase the number of visitors to your site, resulting in more potential sales.

professional copywriter
Hire a professional copywriter

It is a case of quality over quantity. Producing quality content in the form of blog posts, SEO articles and social media updates builds a community of loyal consumers for your brand and gains you trust. If it hasn’t been a key component of your online marketing strategy, it is time to move it to centre stage and create a kick ass strategy. There really is no better way to show the essence of your brand than through engaging, inspiring content.

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