4 reasons why videos must be in your content strategy

If you’ve only been thinking about creating video content for your company, now it is time to make your plans come true. 2019 has been the year of videos and this trend continues to stick in 2020 as well. Let us show you why it’s still not too late to start experimenting with video content, and how you can reach your biggest potentials by making videos the pillar of your marketing strategy.

1. Video is easier to process than written content

If you have any experience with social media marketing you might’ve heard from different sources that videos have higher engagement rates and more views than any other type of content. Have you ever wondered what’s the reason behind this? Let me show you some fact:

  1. It’s easier and faster to start a video embedded in social media, than clicking on a post that takes you to another website where you can read a blog article.
  2. Visuals help viewers to understand and remember the topic at hand for a longer period of time because we are more prone to remember images we saw than sentences we read.
  3. People prefer to listen to stuff rather than reading it.
  4. It takes less time than reading every sentence in the article, which comes quite handy in our tight schedule.
  5. Viewers get the “WOW-feeling” sooner than in case of any other content type, which makes them contented and drawn towards your brand.

In today’s hasty world people prefer short videos that get to the point in 1-2 minutes rather than reading lengthy articles that sometimes even include irrelevant explanations, or just don’t fulfill what the title promised. Videos are meaty enough to satisfy our curiosity about a certain topic and they are short enough in order for us not to lose interest in them.

2. Marketing statistics are also supporting this claim

If we look back to the marketing statistics of 2018, we can easily recognize how videos gained ground in this sector. It may be enough to mention that YouTube became the second biggest search platform with its 1,4 billion users all over the world, after Google. Crazy, isn’t it? We became voracious video-consumers, which can be proved by the unbelievable fact that YouTube handles 400 hours of new video uploads in every single minute. One of the most popular tech vlogger’s videos (MKBHD) have been viewed for 1,5 billion minutes solely in 2018, which equals 2853 years. You can check out the original video in which the YouTuber talks about these numbers here.

To go even further, according to Cisco’s measures, video views will be accountable for 79% of all global internet traffic by 2020. Do you still think it is already too late to enter the content war?

3. Google has separate ranking for videos


If you search for any term in Google, first you will encounter the paid advertisements, which also have different types. Sometimes you just see the normal keyword-based ads, like this one on the image above, or in some cases, you can see the new Google shopping ads, that help companies in e-commerce to sell their goods.

Below the paid ads you can see a small segment of the organic, that is not paid, results. These can also show up directly below Google’s fairly new ranking solution, the Featured snippet but it is another topic for another article. Then finally, before the vast list of unpaid search results, you can see some highlighted YouTube videos. Now if you dedicate special attention to video content and create clips that your target audience is interested in and actively looks for, there is a great chance that you will pop up here on the first page of Google, even if your website’s ranking is really low.

4. Video content has a higher chance of becoming viral

Due to the reasons mentioned in 1., people are more prone to share videos on their own social media profiles than written content, or infographics. And what is the key to becoming viral?

  1. Have a clear message
  2. Be easily understandable
  3. Be concise and systematic
  4. Support your claim with visuals
  5. Tell a story that engages your viewers
  6. Give your audience a chance to share your content

See? Video content provides you with all the necessary conditions to reach a huge crowd. The only thing that technology cannot do instead of you is to find a message that interests your followers and your prospects and to form original ideas about that topic. Answer their questions in ways no one has ever done before and you won’t need to spend a cent on paid advertisements.


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