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Evergreen Content: Your guide to long-term ranking success

Posted by: Ines Georgescu | On: 20th May, 2020 So-called Evergreen Content ranks permanently well and thus increases the number of hits on your site. We’ll tell you what you need to pay attention to when creating it. Want to keep traffic to your site without having to put in a lot of work on new posts? The so-called Evergreen Content does exa

Use time, consider strategies

Posted by: Ines Georgescu | On: 5th Apr, 2020 For the future, experts agree that things in the travel industry will not continue exactly as they were before the crisis. In the initial phase, when people are allowed to go out again, the chance that travel agencies and hotels could act as leisure advisors. After all, the need to travel will still be

Why Your Brand Needs Valuable Digital Content Now

Posted by: Simon Turkas | On: 13th Jun, 2018 To be noticed in today’s increasingly competitive business environment, it is vital to produce and share valuable digital content in order for your company or personal brand to be noticed. Valuable content is what differentiates an outstanding brand from a mediocre one which can make a huge differenc